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As experienced IT managers, we understand how hard it can be to keep technology running smoothly. As a result, our clients can worry less about the technology that helps their businesses run.

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Our managed services solutions are flexible to meet your needs.

We offer both ongoing and one-time support sessions, help with equipment configuration, installation, and troubleshooting.

Managed Services Remove The Guesswork From Network Support

We offer both ongoing and one-time support sessions, help with equipment configuration, installation, and troubleshooting.

We offer comprehensive IT solutions to help clients meet specific goals, including:


A secure website and computer network helps website owners avert hackers, identity thieves, malware, trojans, and other threats that put your company at risk.

Remote Support

If your company doesn’t have the luxury of an in-house technical department, our services help ensure that a professional is available to answer questions, assist with security updates, apply patches, and monitor applications without straining your HR Department.

Reactive Support

Our technicians are available around the clock, including holidays, to provide reactive support in the event of unexpected computer or network issues.

Onsite Support

Onsite technicians are available for projects big or small. We can assist with new configuration or the reconfiguration of your existing hardware or wireless network. Whether you’re adding workstations, moving to a new location, or want to make your network more efficient, we are there to help.


Even the best-managed company can experience data loss through hardware failure or human error. With our backup solutions, you don’t have to stress about data loss ever again. Backup services provided by Green River Associates offer a reliable and secure solution to handle backup and recovery of internal, external, and client data.

24/7 Monitoring

Our job is to keep an eye on your network, websites, and applications, so you don’t have to worry about it. We provide 24/7 monitoring services for security, infrastructure, and application issues to proactively resolve IT problems before they arise.

Virtualization Strategies

Virtualization is on the rise, and many businesses are moving to virtualized server environments for data protection, performance improvements, and greater energy efficiency. Consulting with Green River Associates can help you understand how to get more out of your virtual environment.

Virus And Malware Support Services

We help protect your network, computers, and mobile devices from viruses, malware, spyware/adware, trojans, worms. We can complete security updates to ensure your computers, servers, and other network devices operate smoothly.

Green River Associates is an IT managed services provider offering many different solutions for both businesses and individuals. We can create a comprehensive, customized support solution that gives you access to IT professionals when you need them. Regardless of what your managed IT services requirements are, we have a solution to help you succeed.

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Complex Networks Require Adaptable Solutions

According to research from IBM, the costs of data breaches spiked from 3.86 million to 4.24 million USD, representing the highest average total cost ever recorded in almost two decades.

Additional demands, such as the need to integrate remote workers for the COVID crisis, adding E-Commerce, and other mission-critical applications, only add further complexity to the network management equation.

The Green River Associates team of certified technicians can help you streamline your applications, optimize performance, and provide security guidance for complex networks involving multiple locations or complex, antiquated, or custom configurations.

If you need to extend or expand your company or organization’s network capacity, our team helps get you through the “growing pains.” In addition, we can help make your network or computer upgrade a seamless experience, saving you time, frustration, downtime, and money.

Green River Associates’ goal is to simplify your IT environment through proactive, collaborative support that empowers you to focus on your business goals. At the same time, we handle the complexities of technology management. We also provide solutions for home users so they can enjoy the benefits of efficient and secure networks.

As a growing business, the company’s technology demands will only increase. Choosing to outsource your IT needs with Green River Associates ensures you have a team of technology partners behind you to manage your computers and networks.

At Green River Associates, we offer managed services suited to meet the needs of businesses both large and small. Since 1999, Green River Associates has helped clients gain a competitive edge. Our experience in cybersecurity and working with auditors and banking regulators ensure our clients are in good hands.

We’re proud to provide clients with the peace of mind they need to focus on their core business while we handle IT security so you can be worry-free about your infrastructure.

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Data Security is Our Priority

Our employees have over 85 years of combined experience in the IT industry. Green River is currently partnered with Microsoft, Dell, Watchguard, VMWare, Heat Software, ThreatTrack and GFI.