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Security experts estimate there are at least 20,000 new forms of malware developed each day. These potential risks can range from simple adware, advanced Trojans and RATs, or Remote Access Tools that put your entire computer network at risk.

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Internet Security is a topic not to get taken lightly.

When you’ve invested years in building your business reputation, keeping your company website running smoothly, and staying profitable, it can seem like a significant risk to trust your network security to just anybody.

Partnering with Green River Associates gives you the extra sense of security you need to sleep well at night. Our team has decades of experience in IT infrastructure, so by partnering with us, you will work directly with the engineers protecting your company’s network and website.

According to the FBI, “The most common web-based attack vector is exploiting a known vulnerability in an application.” However, a website owner can avoid these vulnerabilities by keeping servers and applications up-to-date with patches and security fixes. In addition, security protocols ensure that hackers can’t take advantage of known exploits in older versions of software like Java or Flash, allowing them full access to your system.

Green River Associates has years of experience serving the security needs of businesses within these industries:

Compliance across multiple verticals is vital to retail companies. Our job is to make sure your company network is secure and meets regulations.

Data breaches are on the rise at financial institutions across the country. Not only does Green River Associates’ team of engineers run routine security audits on your company network, but we can also plan and execute a full range of preventative measures.

Keeping your business safe online starts with making sure you have suitable security measures in place to protect yourself against malware and spam. Our engineers will monitor your network for vulnerabilities so that hackers can’t access sensitive customer or employee information.

Local, regional, and municipal governments have a lot of responsibility to protect and serve their community. So, upholding the highest levels of security helps safeguard against cyber-attacks which can cripple or compromise government networks.

If you manage a non-profit organization taking extra precautions to protect your passion project is worth the investment. Our engineers can help implement security measures, including firewalls, spam filters, and anti-virus software on your network.

Reap The Benefits Of Managed IT Services From Green River Associates

The threat of internet risks is ever-growing. But, with the right team of experts partnering with your business, you can rest easier knowing that your company website gets handled by experts who have the tools, technology, and skills to mitigate online risk.

If malware damages essential files, our engineers will restore all affected systems reducing data loss during the process.

With Green River Associates, you will never get left in the dark. Our team of security engineers actively monitors your network and servers 24/7. We provide a detailed report every month.

We strive to make our services as easy and efficient for you as possible while still delivering industry-leading service to keep your company website safe.

Your business website plays a mission-critical role in your operations. Downtime creates a ripple effect, whether your site is responsible for completing E-Commerce, membership services, online banking, account management, project management, or other applications. This unintended ripple can affect your bottom line and even negatively impact your business reputation.

Green River Associates Puts Clients First

Are you looking for an Internet security partner you can trust? If so, don’t hesitate to contact Green River Associates, Inc. We work closely with your team to ensure your website is safe, fast, and malware and spam-free.

Our remote support service team will work with you to create a custom security plan that fits your business needs. We provide your company or organization with personal attention throughout the process while never losing sight of the bigger picture.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations to help us determine your unique security needs and clarify how we can best serve you.


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Get Ahead Of Security Issues Before They Arise

Green River Associates is a trusted provider of managed IT services with a focus on security. Our team of engineers and technicians offers both standard and custom-tailored security solutions to fit the unique needs of each client we serve

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Data Security is Our Priority

Our employees have over 85 years of combined experience in the IT industry. Green River is currently partnered with Microsoft, Dell, Watchguard, VMWare, Heat Software, ThreatTrack and GFI.